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How Long Do Edibles Last Before They Go Bad?

October 20, 2020 6 min read

If you’re a smoker and transitioned into cannabis treats, you’ve more than likely asked yourself the question, how long do edibles last before they go bad?

 Some edibles can last a fairly decent amount of time before going  rancid, but it all depends on what the product is. Items that naturally spoil quick such as baked goods, spoil because of what the components are made of, that cause it to deteriorate.

With that said, the consistency of the product itself is what changes after an expiration date, not theTHC content. THC is not lost, nor is it more potent the longer it sits (as some believe). It in fact, remains the same.

To be on the safe side, most edibles will have an expiration date where you can check and make sure it’s still okay to eat.


Do Edibles Expire?


So you've just purchased your delicious gifts and now you're wondering, do edibles expire?

Yes! Edibles are still food so it WILL have a shelf life. But what you decide to do to maintain its freshness and longevity will be entirely up to you.

It's worth noting that cannabis extract which is infused into edibles, won’t be the main concern. The dairy and fats or even sugars, will spoil way before the cannabis extract will. But that doesn't mean it's still safe or "edible" to eat. Last thing you want is your digestive system going south because you wanted to risk it for a high.  Edibles last as long as the products its infused with last.

If you do choose to eat an expired edible, you can expect the effects to be quite unsatisfactory, if not similar to if it wasn't over due, give or take a few stomach aches. In other words, AVOID eating ANY product that has gone rancid.

Always check the contents and expiration on ALL your edibles, and look for signs of deterioration prior to consumption.  Your health matters!


How to Store Edibles


how to store edibles


It's more than likely you've came across the question, are my edibles going bad?In order to correctly know how to store edibles to avoid spoilage, follow along and keep reading!

We’ve got you covered.

To make this easy, I will break down each type of category food along with how their compounds affect their shelf life. Knowing their expiration will help aid you in deciding how to store your yummy DC edibles.

Dairy Products: Typical dairy products will last 14 days or under. Butter on the other hand and even certain frozen desserts can last much longer if stored in the freezer properly.

Fats:Fats are generally used for heavier foods such as pastas and delicious dinner meals, so storage is usually a few days to a week. However, there are other edibles that use fats and aren’t gourmet foods, those items can last longer.

Sugars:Sugars win the game out of the three. Some sugars such as granulated, can last up to two years after opening. This means marijuana edibles like candy and gummies are easily favored and most popular over brownies and cookies, due to their longer shelf life.

It's a no brainer the freezer is your edibles best friend when wanting to store anything for longer periods. Doing so, will ensure that edibles last for an extended time.

Remember, It’s always good to be sure to check the best by date of any product before purchasing, and store accordingly.

Stoner Fact: Eating marijuana or cannabis edibles along with fats such as cheese, avocado, or any dairy that is high in fat will increase the intensity of the effects when digested.


Where to Buy Edibles in DC


Whether you're a resident or just a tourist passing by, you've most likely have tried to figure out how and where to buy edibles in DC.

Fortunately, you don't have to look far for a trustworthy and reliable storefront. Cloud 9 DC Art & Smoke Shop located on U Street, easily takes the cake. They’re an authorized retailer that carries a variety of premium cannabis flavors and strains as well as some of the most delicious edible treats.

One in particular stands out amongst others. Their high-end premium grade gelatin gummies, referred to as SourPack.


dc edibles


They possess elevated THC levels giving you an intense but enjoyable edible high that will last longer than most stores and dispensaries in the area.

Man, will these edibles have you on Cloud 9 (no pun intended). Not only are they tasty and mouthwatering, but they come in a wide variety of flavors! As a heavy smoker and marijuana enthusiast of over 14+ years, I can speak from my personal experience that both the buds and edibles at Cloud 9 DC, has been nothing short of spectacular.

Oh, and did I mention all these bad boys are vegan?

How could you possibly not resist grabbing your hands on some of these dank DC SourPack edibles?


Weed Treats in DC


Ever since the transition was made from smoking or vaping cannabis to ingesting, the world of weed treats in DC have made a huge turning point in the market.

There are over a dozen different edible options and varieties of delicious cannabis goodies all throughout the city. So what are a few of the popular ones that everyone's been raging about?

Lets start with the mouthwatering SourPack gummies as I've mentioned earlier. They're so good they deserve a second reintroduction. With a whopping 350 mg of THC content, you'll only need a little to get the edge off. The size of these gummies also make them much easier to micro-dose and manage  your THC levels, to avoid overly intense effects.

Have you heard of THC infused Nerds?

They too, just like the SourPack gummies are an amazing and tasty treat to have on the go or if you just want a nice calming but functional buzz.

Aside from these options, there are also plenty different forms that cannabis products can be made with, and are very sought out.  Weed brownies, chocolates, canna butter, canna oil, weed lollipops, hard candies, cannabis chocolate cupcakes and more! The list could go on, but the issue isn't finding a tasty edible. It's finding an edible that is actually worth your money and actually is the amount of THC that it says on the label.

You can do that by making sure you are going to a trustworthy reliable storefront.


THC Gummies and Its Effects


If you love candy or just can't shake that sweet tooth,  then cannabis edibles are for you!

Keep reading along to learn more about THC gummies and its effects.

Often times, because certain edibles mask the taste of weed so well, it's hard to correctly dose your cannabis intake. So what measures need to be taken to ensure you are getting the correct serving size?

Marijuana edibles are known to not only take longer to feel effects than smoking, but the edible high also lasts much longer as well. When micro dosing hard candy or any tasty goods, it's important that you ingest the cannabis edibles slowly and keep it to a minimal to avoid over powering effects that can, and will ruin your experience. High doses in a short period of time or overconsumption, can pose potential risks such as intense high levels of paranoia, light headed sensations, disrupted concentration, and balance.

A general rule of thumb is, edibles take anywhere from 45 minutes up to 2 hours to kick in and can last anywhere from 2-5 hours possibly more, depending on the amount of THC consumed.

As you can see, the impact of over estimating your portion size can make all the difference in what you will experience.

Some expected symptoms after small amounts of ingestion are, light headed sensations, sedative effects, euphoria, and calming body highs.

Cannabis dosing is a highly individualized process, that can’t be measured by how many servings each person should take. Marijuana is not a one size fits all, in that it is entirely dependent on many factors such as:

  • Tolerance
  • Food intake
  • Empty stomach
  • Amounts/Serving size
  • Potency

Therefore, when ingesting any cannabis edible, be mindful that a little goes a long way. What might take someone 30 minutes to feel buzzed can have another person completely blazed in an hour or more. It’s all about dosing your weed and finding the right dosage amount that works best for you, in order to avoid unwanted overwhelming side effects.




As you can see, it doesn't take much THC to feel the effects and get you lifted when dealing with DC edibles. Although smoking is instant, a marijuana edible can creep up on you and once it hits, it will hit at an intense rate, and the effects will last for the whole duration of the high, sometimes even after.

When dealing with cannabis infused treats, you should always tread with caution. Edibles stay in your system for a long time and leave you with lasting effects unlike smoking or other methods of marijuana use. And while they can be absolutely delicious, always play it safe.

Now, not only do you know the best way to store your savory SourPack edibles and other appetizing goodies, but you now know where and how to grab some of the finest succulent gummy treats in town!

What are you waiting for? Get your Cloud 9 edibles TODAY!

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