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How to Buy Weed in DC 2020

July 30, 2020 8 min read

So you want to learn how to buy weed in DC? 

Whether you are one of the 22 million tourist travelling through DC a year or a local resident, we understand just how confusing it can be to get a straight answer on how to find weed in DC legally, safely, and comfortably at that.

For many of the people buying weed in DC the first time, most aren’t willing or have the time to get a medical marijuana card and purchase through the marijuana dispensaries. With the legalization of recreational weed in DC, this caused for many loopholes for anyone travelling to DC to purchase marijuana safely and discreetly – if need be.

We are going to break down the four primary ways on how to buy weed legally in DC, but before that it’s of paramount importance you understand just what these loop holes are and how to stay within the legal boundaries of purchasing marijuana in DC.  

Buy Good Marijuana in DC

Most importantly DC is saturated with lower quality buds like "reggies" so if you are looking to find fire loud in D.C. this is the article for you!


The 3 Ways to Buy Marijuana in DC


3 Ways to Buy Weed in DC

There are three primary ways to purchase weed in Washington DC: DC smoke shop, DC weed delivery, and DC weed events. The methods in which we show you how to get weed you will not need to be a medical marijuana patient. So for anyone out of state this is exactly how you find weed hassle free!

We will be going over each method and how to place, process, and receive your order so you stay clear of any legal issues.

The DC community has evolved rapidly when it comes to catering to the public on their daily high. Back in the good old days it was sketchy back alley deals but now you can find yourself in some very beautiful, high end, DC smoke shops, and walking out with premium weed products and amazing customer experience.

Buying Marijuana in DC good review

Cloud 9 Good Customer Experience

Cloud 9 Art & Smoke is one of the most credible and safest place to buy high-end premium cannabis gifts you will know right when you step into this amazing art gallery with free cannabis gifts. Unsure how to order weed during Covid 19 no worries we will break down how to buy pot safely during this pandemic as well.

Cloud 9 U St Smoke Shop



What is Initiaive 71 and How Does it Help Me Buy Weed in DC?


Before we talk about how to buy weed in our nation's capital, we need to address Initiative 71 – the vote that allowed for you to get your hand on premium flower in DC legally.

 I71 is the “Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Act of 2014” in government jargon … but for the rest of us Initiative 71 allows anyone in DC that is 21 years or older to:

  1. possess up to two ounces of DC weed
  2. Residents can grow up to 6 marijuana plants in Washington DC, but only 3 can be in the mature flowering stage.
  3. You can gift up to one ounce to anyone over 21 years old, as long as no sales, trade, or goods were exchanged.

Understanding Initiative 71 is vital for your protection when purchasing weed legally in DC. The law clearly states that one cannot sell, trade, or exchange goods for weed. I71 was meant for DC residents to grow their own weed for recreational use and then gift it to one another. 

Let’s be honest, not everyone is going to buy the equipment to grow their own weed. It’s not that easy! From learning how to veg the cannabis flower all the way to dealing with the pungent aromas of the flowering plants, it could take a year to learn how to grow weed well . So the DC community came up with a powerful loophole, which you need to master in order to buy weed in DC safely.

The loophole for buying weed in DC is called: Gifting.

Initiative 71 allows for any resident to gift up to one ounce of weed to anyone as long as no sale, trade, or goods were exchanged. So what the DC cannabis community did was create a pretty clever process in which you come to purchase a sticker, art print, t-shirt, or whatever product and at the end of the process they gift you the cannabis.

So you may see some outrageous prices for $60 stickers, but in the eyes of the law they are abiding by the Initiative 71 rules.

Just remember when it comes to the grey area of “Gifting” weed in DC it’s all about verbiage. If you are new in town or just stopping by check out our guide for tourist on where to buy weed in Washington DC.


How to Order Marijuana in DC Verbiage


If you want to know how to purchase flower safely in DC then make sure you have the verbiage mastered when placing an order.

Whether you are going to a DC smoke shop, calling up a DC weed Delivery service, or showing up to a DC weed event, the verbiage is always the same for gifting.

In order to buy marijuana safely in Washington DC make sure you:

  1.  Never ask to buy marijuana or any flower product directly.
  2. Always start off buy asking to buy the product they are selling (sticker, t-shirt, art print, etc)
  3. Make sure you match the price tier of the flower product up with the price tier of the product being sold. (For example if you want a gram of weed $20 then most likely you will be buying a $20 sticker)
  4. Always pay for the product first then take your gift for free after.
  5. When speaking of any marijuana products always use the term “free gift options”.

In most cases DC weed stores all have some sort of I71 gift menu to look through. 

How to Order Weed in DC

A gift menu in our nation's capital is a list of all the I71 compliant free marijuana gift options, and you can usually find this on their website. Check out Cloud 9's list of premium indoor cannister cannabis and the amazing Sour Pack edibles line.

Before contacting any DC weed services make sure you take a look at their menu and know what you want to order and have the proper verbiage prepared for a smooth ordering process. Now let’s take a look at all the three ways to purchase marijuana in Washington DC starting with DC smoke shops.



Buying Weed from DC Smoke Shop

How to Buy Weed in a DC Smoke Shop


One of the most popular options for buying marijuana in DC legally has been visiting a local DC Smoke Shop. 

Of course, you’ll end up paying a higher amount of money for a sticker or art print which reflects the actual flower pricing. However, as far as the government is concerned, you did not purchase marijuana and this is staying compliant with Initiative 71. Learn more on how to buy pot from a DC Smoke Shop.

You can always ask a friend or google for any D.C. Smoke Shop, but not all D.C. Weed Stores are made equal. You may find yourself in stores that are not staying compliant with I71 procedures which puts you at risk or you have the occasional run down and sketchy smoke shops which makes you feel you might as well bought from a shady back alley dealer.

Cloud 9 Art & Smoke is one of DC's most trusted smoke shop working along side community board leaders to ensure all customers have the smoothest and safest transactions possible. With award winning and premium indoor strains at amazing prices ordering weed from Cloud 9 U St Smoke Shop is a no brainer.

Good DC Weed Review

Vist our meet up section in the menu above to order premium flower today!


Buying weed from a DC Weed Delivery

How to Purchase Pot With DC Weed Delivery Service


DC weed delivery services popped up more recently in 2018 and has become increasingly popular as the cannabis industry evolves. Now you can expect amazing products, great customer experience, and a reasonable delivery time from some of the top tier companies.

When placing an order for marijuana delivery in DC, you want to make sure to use the same verbiage as mentioned above in this article.

Also be prepared to be screened pretty heavily prior to completing the transaction. Most DC cannabis companies expect for you to send a picture of your ID and sometimes a selfie of yourself along with the ID. This is to prove you are 21 and to protect the drivers from selling to someone that might not be who they are.

Once you are approved just give them an address to deliver to. The pot delivery business will instruct you what areas in DC they can deliver to, as some of the companies prefer not to deliver to any of the more dangerous areas of DC.  We recommend going to a safe area where it is somewhat populated. Drive or walk around a nice area and go inside an establishment for lunch and call for the delivery service to meet you outside.

You can expect the driver to arrive with a companion and for one of them to give you the product you purchased (sticker, t-shirt, etc) in exchange for money and the free I71 weed gifts will be with the product you purchased. Don’t worry, the drivers want to do it as discreetly so just act natural because no laws are being broken.

DC weed delivery services may have different delivery fee charges and at times some can deliver faster than other. Cloud 9 U St Smoke Shop takes pride in running a delivery platform that lets you track your driver, communicate with them, and has the best delivery fees in our nation's capital.

  1. Visit our DC Weed Delivery section in our menu
  2. Enter your mobile number to view the gift menu
  3. Select your gift and location and pay when your gift arrives!

Buying Weed from DC Weed Event

How to Buy Marijuana at a DC Weed Event


When Initiative 71 first passed in Washington DC, the original cannabis gifting companies that emerged were all “pop up events” which is more commonly known now as DC Weed Events.

The pioneers of the Washington DC cannabis community were testing to see just how the law would respond to this gifting loop hole. Through trial and error the Pop Up Events took a lot of heavy hits for hosting people under 21, smoking weed on premises, and being a bit too loud.

Now DC weed events are at a much more mature stage and are keeping I71 compliant in all ways. The reason people love DC weed events is because you are with a community of cannabis lovers and you can talk, mingle, and get advice from people who often purchase the products you are about to buy.

To place an order just follow what the locals are doing. Match up the price tier of the product (t-shirt, hat, art print, stickers) with what price tier of gift cannabis you want to buy, whether that is edibles, weed concentrates, shatter, and so on and so forth. Then ask to purchase the product and not the weed, and to receive a free I71 gift of your choice. 

DC weed events were created at a time when delivery and smoke shops were not available. With that being said you can get everything you would need at a cannabis event just by going to a smoke shop.




We have gone over 3 ways you can score your pot in Washington D.C. We hope that after reading this that you are now equipped with the absolute know-how on how to buy pot in D.C. Make sure to check our our Buying Weed in DC Encyclopedia. From placing the order with the proper verbiage, to finding verified and trusted businesses, you are now ready to get your weed on. Make sure to check out Cloud 9 on U St and if you can't find the time to visit just place a delivery order and our certified drivers will come bring award winning strains right to your door! 

Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers

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