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Smoking Weed in DC 2020

June 11, 2020 4 min read

Smoking weed in DC has never been safer and easier, but knowing exactly where you can light up can be a tad bit confusing.


Have you ever wondered that despite the recreational weed law that was passed, where you could actually smoke weed in DC?


We all know how to get weed from a Washington DC smoke shop, but how about where to smoke it?


It’s simple.


Keep reading to figure out exactly how to safely smoke your chronic in peace.


Where in DC is considered a Public Smoking Area?


To know where in DC is considered a public smoking area, you’d have to first know where you can’t.


Initiative 71 prohibits smoking weed on all federal property.


Federal property should be an obvious no. But in case you weren’t aware, federal property includes military property, national parks, as well as land controlled by the government which totals to about 18 square miles in DC.


Smoking in any of the areas mentioned above will not only result in a fine penalty, but also runs the risk of getting arrested.


But wait. Isn’t weed legal?


Yes, it is legal. By the state, however, it isn’t from a federal standpoint. In other words, yes you may possess and even smoke or consume cannabis but at any given time if law enforcement really wanted to, they could charge you for it. Is this likely?


No. Chances are, unless you’re being out right obvious or obnoxious with your smoking, they most likely will never bother you. Let’s be real here, it simply just isn’t worth their time.


That doesn’t mean spark up at your own leisure anytime and anywhere you want, it just means if you are going to do it, be smart about where you’re smoking it.



Places to Smoke Weed in DC

places to smoke weed in dc

Let’s start getting into the ins and outs of places to smoke weed in DC.



Say you don’t want to smoke in your home. Where would you go? Below is a list of places you could essentially smoke freely, but do keep in mind you are still smoking at your own risk.


  • Select nightclubs such as Rose bar will allow you to toke up while enjoying some good music.
  • Areas such as Georgetown is also a good option considering there are many smoke shops in the areas as well as the aesthetic waterfront location where people are inclined to spark one up.
  • NW DC can be a safe option as well for that area is generally smoke friendly.
  • Locations that are far from people or less crowded areas are acceptable places to smoke as well, for places in which you aren’t bothering anyone, will usually be more comfortable for you.
  • U Street alley ways are a good place to smoke your dank even though it may sound sketchy at first. Alley ways are not crowded areas where people are constantly running in to each other. Places to smoke, such as these, make it an easy and discreet location to light up.
  • Lastly, the congressional cemetery in SE DC is a place you can smoke your marijuana, although the cemetery can be a deterring factor for some. If you’re down for it, then you can be sure no one is likely to bother you or give you a hard time.


*Be mindful that all the places to smoke weed in DC mentioned above are areas in which you are still smoking at your own risk in spite of how lenient a place can or may be.*


Safest Place to Smoke Weed in Washington DC

 safest place to smoke weed in dc

So, where’s the safest place to smoke weed in washington DC?


I should start by making a point that the safestway and place to smoke weed would be in the comfort of your own home. Not only will no one bother you, but law enforcement will never go knocking your door down asking you to put it out.


Other than your home, nowhere is technically safe.As I briefly brought up earlier, federal law enforcement can arrest you at anygiven time. Therefore, the only sure and promising way for you to smoke peacefully would be in a private area.


If you are anywhere outside of that, you again, run the risk of getting caught with the law, although it is not common. 




In short, if you want to smoke your weed and do it in a secure way, smoke in the solace of your home or in the home of a friend or family.


This way, you don’t have to cautiously be aware of your smoking which if you’re a pothead such as I, can be quite a buzz killer. With all the places to smoke weed in DC, be careful anytime you aren’t in a private disclosed area or location.


Be sure to abide by the I71 compliant laws to reduce your chances of getting caught in the sticky red tape with the law!


For all you marijuana lovers out there, stay HIGH and stay SAFE!


Thanks for reading!

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