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About Us

MISSION STATEMENT:   The mission of the “Cloud9 Art Gallery and Boutique” is to serve the U Street corridor by preserving, collecting, exhibiting, and fostering the understanding of Washington DC local art and style, while enhancing the visual understanding of the importance of art in our community and its effect on our “total well-being”.



Cloud9 Art Gallery and Boutique” is a Licensed Business establishment(License in process as of September 2019) we will be involved in, retailing art privately, retailing art through galleries, renting art, auctioning art exhibitions, merchandise sales of artistic hand-made creations, artistic T-shirts and a unique“Cloud9” clothing line and collection will be on display.

My combined experience and devotion as a Special Education Consultant, College professor, Psychologist, Teacher and mother of a disabled daughter for 30 plus years, has contributed to my desire and passion to serve and educate the public by displaying local art and retail. Art display and creative design of our “Cloud9” apparrel collection and T-shirt line has been our family passion since art played a crucial role in the recovery of our daughter, Ashlei’s Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) 12 years ago from a near fatal car accident.   Art therapy has been the primary treatment modality utilized by Ashlei during her recovery. Art has allowed my daughter to heal while simultaneously providing her with something she enjoys and strengthening our family bond! Art has contributed to her healing in fine motor, gross motor, endurance, communication, socialization, memory, problem solving, creativity, but most importantly expression of feelings and relaxation. This is a family business with a desire to expand our business while simoultaneously enlightening the public on Art and Artistic creations and its significant impact on the enhancement of individuals that have suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI). Ashlei is currently 27 years old and a functioning able-bodied, independent adult. She is the inspiration and motivation of our famly’s desire to move forward with “Cloud9 Art Gallery and Boutique.”