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DC, Maryland and Virginia Weed Laws 2020

March 31, 2023 5 min read

 When it comes to DC weed laws placed for recreational users in the DMV area, it is understood that there is much significance in knowing your rights.


To know all the ins and outs of these cannabis laws is important so that you can travel safely with your marijuana across state borders from a DC smoke shop to the comfort of your home.


Read on with us so you can become an expert on this great topic of smoking recreational weed in DC, Maryland, and VA.


DC Weed Laws

dc weed laws

Recreational weed has been legalized as of 2015, making DC weed laws much more lenient. Fortunately, with rules and regulations put into place from Initiative 71, there are still numerous ways to get your DC bud.


Initiative 71 is still a tricky grey area for most, simply due to the fact that you can technically still get arrested at any given point. This is because weed is still illegal from a federal standpoint. This applies for everywhere in the United States.


Weed laws in DC as of 2020, have not changed much since the recreational I71 act was active.


The rules and restrictions are as follows:


  1. An individual may possess up to two ounces of weed at any given time without the intent to sell or distribute marijuana in exchange for money or goods.
  1. You may not under any circumstance, smoke or consume cannabis on anypublic or federal grounds.
  1. You may not grow more than six marijuana plants within your residence, as well as have more than three mature plants at a given time.
  1. You are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle or boat under the influence of marijuana.
  1. Must be 21 years or older to possess any amount of cannabis or marijuana.
  1. An individual may transfer or gift up to an ounce of marijuana as long as the receiving individual is 21+.


Understanding DC weed laws are vital if you want to stay and abide within the Initiative 71 act. Making sure you follow the guidelines are important from keeping you from getting caught up between law enforcement. You shouldn’t have to risk going to jail or even getting a fine from trying to get your DC marijuana.


The city is a good place to start searching for your weed when needed. DC smoke shops like Cloud 9 DC are not only readily available but easily accessible for you stoners out there.


Washington DC also offers a vast number of local dispensaries throughout the area making it effortless and trouble free for obtaining your delicious premium I71 gifts.


MD Weed Laws

maryland weed laws

Recreational use of marijuana in Maryland is still illegal, MD weed laws have pursued to decriminalize cannabis. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, for there are still a number of ways to get your hands on some bud.


Considering how strict Maryland was prior to decriminalizing, they have taken measures to improve its cannabis regulations. Maryland offers dispensaries for medical patients and although the process of getting a marijuana card can be easily obtained, it can also be slightly tedious.


Possession of higher quantities still is a criminal offense but you areallowed to possess less than 10 grams for personal use. In other words, if you are caught with 10 grams or less, you will not receive jail or prison time, instead you will be hit with a small fine of $100 (and that’s if they decide to even charge you).


The most significant rules to keep in mind are:

  1. No smoking in public or even outside (even if you are a registered medical patient). Stay indoors!
  2. No driving or operating a motorized vehicle such as a boat under the influence of marijuana.
  3. No edibles are allowed.
  4. Individuals are not allowed to grow their own weed, unless the individual is state approved.


You currently need a medical card if you want to get weed in the state of Maryland so it’s safe to say it’s not as easy to get weed as in Washington DC, but it is certainly easier than Virginia.


VA Weed Laws

va weed laws

For the longest time, VA weed laws have been fairly conservative. It wasn’t til 2020 that they decided to take a leap of faith and approach the marijuana laws with a more open mind.


We can only hope with time, that they will push towards recreational and full legalization. For now, the law stands for decriminalization of marijuana in small amounts, or to be more precise, an ounce or less. It is still a civil penalty however, which is punishable by a $25 fine.


You are not  allowed to do the following:


  1. Smoke on any public grounds
  1. Possess more than an ounce of weed
  1. Selling or distributing any amount of marijuana is illegal
  1. VA patients may not purchase no more than 10 milligrams of THC per dose
  1. Flower is not allowed in dispensaries for patients


On April 2020, the law approved a revised version of the SB 976 act, which allows for marijuana extracts containing at least five mg of either CBD or THC-A and at the beginning on July 1, 2020, no more than 10mg of THC per dose.


This law also allows up to 25 dispensing locations that will be placed throughout the area. Despite the decriminalization law that was recently activated, getting your hands on some dank flower will still be extremely difficult in this area if you want to steer clear of law enforcement.


All in all, if you’re looking to grab some bomb marijuana, I’d recommend taking a trip to the city to get yourself some premium bud from a DC smoke shop. Selections are high and it is very unlikely to have a run in with the law especially over some weed.


Remember, unlike VA, DC allows any individual to possess up to two ounces of bud on you at any given time!




DMV weed laws are rapidly changing and taking effect as we speak. But it’s fair to say Washington DC has the easiest and safest weed laws out of these three states. DC weed laws are not only more tolerant and forgiving, but they allow a greater variety of tasty cannabis options and edibles to choose from!


If you live in one of the neighboring states like VA or MD, then it’s best you do what you can to follow the guidelines to the T.


So don’t be ridiculous, abide by the laws! That’s why they were put there in the first place.


Trying to get a quick short cut fix to get your high can result in penalty from the law if you don’t take the necessary precautions and follow the regulations. Be smart!


And as always, stay safe and more importantly, stay HIGH! Thanks for reading!

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