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DC Weed Delivery - A Better Way 2021

June 20, 2021 7 min read

Washington DC has come a long way when it pertains to the DC weed delivery market.


We all remember the days where we had to pull into some shady neighborhood and wait two hours for our driver to appear. And once they did there was that intense moment of distrust and palpable heart beats from both sides as the driver quickly made the exchange with you.


So quick, in fact, that you didn't have time to check the weed that was delivered to you, right?


And to your disappointment you find some subpar bud that was not at all what was described in the advertisement.

DC Weed Delivery

Who do you call? How do you get your money back if you get horrible weed delivered to you in DC?


To make matters worse, there is no number for you to reach customer support, and no store front where you could drive up to and throw this garbage DC weed back in their face and demand for your money back.


Sadly this is how most DC weed delivery companies operate. But things are changing at a rapid pace in DC as a few companies are stepping up to make the experience as safe, smooth, and joyous as possible when it comes to getting your weed delivered in DC!


Read below to learn how to get weed delivered to you in DC today, safely and securely.

weed delivery in DC


Weed Delivery in DC and Three Things to Avoid

Early 2020 was the year where everyone and their mother was running delivery services for weed in DC. With that being said it's no wonder so many people had such a bad experience!


When it comes to marijuana delivery in Washington DC one must follow the three golden rules to ensure safety and that you get quality products in a timely manner!


To avoid a terrible experience with marijuana being delivered in DC follow these three rules:


1.Never order marijuana from a weed delivery service that has no store front.

Ordering from a DC pot delivery company that has no store front makes it where if you are not happy with your order you can never hold the company liable. This is a huge risk every time you place an order because you are susceptible to weed delivery scams in Washington DC.


2.Never order marijuana from a delivery service that does not allow you to track the driver.

If you are not able to track your driver in anyway, you may find yourself sitting at a location for 3 hours just waiting for your weed to get delivered. Often the company will not even let you know if they canceled the order - what a waste of time.


3.Do not buy weed from a weed delivery service that ask you to meet in unsafe neighborhoods.

When weed delivery services were new in DC, there were many shady companies that would ask you to meet in bad locations. This was due to scams and potential robberies, something you want to avoid.


With the 23.8 million tourist that come to Washington DC a year, it would make sense that there is an ample amount of people that do not have the time to get a medical marijuana card and must purchase their marijuana through the loop holes of Initiative 71 law. With that being said most people will google for a company and pick the first they see.


This route will usually leave you highly disappointed as you quickly find out that the marijuana strains advertised on site is not what you got, and you have no way to get your money back. And it is sad to say that this is just how it has been when getting weed delivered in DC for 2020.


Cloud 9: The Safest DC Weed Delivery Service


Luckily, some amazing companies are steeping up and filing the void by increasing transparency and communication while honoring the Initiative 71 laws - providing you with the safest and most secure transaction possible.


Cloud 9's primary objective when delivering marijuana in DC is your safety, customer satisfaction, and a timely delivery with quality products.


In this new realm of marijuana being delivered in Washington DC, you can expect:


1.A Marijuana Delivery Service in DC that has a Store Front

Having a store front means the delivery company is legit and you can go to their store anytime and view the weed strains, edibles, and vape cartridges. Plus if you are not happy with your order you know you can visit the headshop and get a refund or file a complaint. Cloud 9 is 100% transparent and you can go to their store front 7 days a week.

2.A DC Smoke Shop That Has a DC Marijuana Delivery App

Forget making payments in advance and waiting for hours with cash not knowing if your driver will ever come. A legit DC weed delivery company will have an app, and Cloud 9's app allows you to track your driver, select time, location, and gifts!

3.Delivery Services in DC That Only Place You at Safe Locations for Meetup.

Cloud 9 knows DC and loves DC. They pick only the safest locations for you to meet not only for you but for their drivers as well. (Please not your home address is not a safe location)


So is weed delivery in DC the option for you? As long as you find the right company that places your time, safety, and experience first then, yes, it is an amazing option for buying your weed in Washington DC. Many companies are doing what they can to increase customer experience but Cloud 9 provides the best Washington DC weed delivery services you can find to date.

how to use dc weed delivery services


How to Use DC Marijuana Delivery Service in 2021

Cloud 9 Smoke Shop in U St DC was one of the first DC weed stores that put the customer experience first.

DC weed delivery customer review

As a customer getting marijuana delivered to you has never been easier. Cloud 9 eliminates all the unnecessary risk by finding you the safest locations for you to get your bud delivered in DC and has a store front in which you can browse to see all of the amazing top-tier cannabis products.

Cloud 9 has a variety of award winning premium indoor marijuana strains such as Gelato, Doja Packs, Girl Scout Cookies, Wookies, and Lambo OG.

Not only do they provide premium nitrogen can indoor flowers they also have organic and affordable cannabis as well. Looking for cartridges that are safe - Cloud 9 has got you covered? From pre rolls, edibles, and dispensary grade cannabis selections, rest assured you will be getting the best quality weed delivered to you in DC!

Premium Cannabis Gifts Delivered in Washington DC


And what if you are not happy with your order?

Well we have a store front you can come into, a number for customer support, and a team of budtenders that will make sure that when you place an order you get not only high quality cannabis but a high quality experience!

Follow these simple steps for placing a Weed delivery order in DC: go to our home page and click the delivery option.

  1. Enter your number and the code so our driver is synced with you
  2. Select your pre-determined safe location for your cannabis to be delivered in DC
  3. Select an art print first to ensure you are legally abiding by I71 laws for cannabis gifts.
  4. Next select the cannabis I71 gifts you want delivered to you in Washington DC


Getting weed delivered to you in Washington DC has never been easier and safer! Just remember the requirements of Initiative 71 law that ask that you must be 21 years of age or older in order to receive any cannabis gifts. Read more on the DC weed laws. For any additional questions feel free to contact us today we are open 7 days a week.

Check out below how amazing and simple the order process is with the Cloud 9 DC weed delivery app.

 DC Weed Delivery App

DC Weed Delivery App and How it Works

Cloud 9 is proud to be one of the first DC weed delivery services that offers a free custom build marijuana delivery app that helps to ensure yours and our drivers safety. Follow our in depth steps on exactly how to use our delivery app and get your I71 bud gift delivered today!

1. First go to our home page and click the delivery option.

 DC Weed Delivery Steps

2. Next you will be directed to Cloud 9's custom delivery app and you will want to enter your mobile number. This allows for the driver to meet you and for you to track the driver as well for optimal experience. Once you enter your number a custom code will be sent for you to enter back allowing you to use the delivery app.

enter number in DC pot delivery app

3. Once you are in the app you will be directed to select the location in which you want your I71 flower to be delivered in DC. Cloud 9 has selected some of the safest locations to meet for both you and the driver.

 DC Weed Delivery Map

4. Next you must select which art print you want. Don't worry, just select any because this part of the process is ensuring your safety when purchasing by heeding to the cannabis laws in DC. Initiative 71 law allows you to gift marijuana so you must first purchase an art print and then select your cannabis gift.

select I71 gift for delivery

5. The next step you will then select which I71 Cannabis gifts you want delivered to your DC location. As you add gifts the price will appear in the art section as you are purchasing art, and not marijuana in DC.

 I71 cannabis dc weed delivery gift selection

6. Next you want to confirm whether you want your marijuana gift to be delivered today or tomorrow and at what time slows.

DC marijuana delivery

7. lastly, you must confirm you are at least 21 years of age and approve the total invoice. Cloud 9 offers a fair rate of $20 for delivery compared to many other businesses charging $30 or more to delivery weed in Washington DC.


Safety is everything when getting weed delivered in DC, and we want to make sure during this pandemic that whether you want indica, sativa, edibles, or cartridges our drivers will get you quality product delivered safely and in a timely manner. We hope that other delivery services soon step up so Washington DC will have a reputation for one of the safest communities to order weed legally through delivery in DC. So what are you waiting for, get your flower delivered to you in DC today!

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