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Edibles in DC 2022

September 27, 2022 4 min read

Edibles in DC are actually fairly easy to come by. And once you get them you can't wait to get your hand's on some more, right?


The real question is what is the best edibles in DC as of 2021 and who has them for the best prices? Read below to find out everything you need to know.


Simply put, if you know where and how to find marijuana in DC, you’ll likely be able to find DC edibles. But not all edibles are created equal, make sure you get your hands on premium, THC potent, organic edibles.


By the end of this article we will show you just where to get it and how to order edibles in DC safely, even if you are just passing through.


DC Edibles

The same process for buying weed in DC goes for edibles. The same verbiage and rules apply as far as gifting. If you do not know how to score pot in our nations capitol make sure to check out our ultimate guide on buying weed in DC legally.


The same gifting economy that provides that DC loud has you covered for edibles that contain potent THC. Washington DC has some top shelf edibles that have even dominated the Cali cannabis markets.Check out what people have to say about DC's favorite edible: SourPack.


DC Edibles Review


Edibles in DC: Are They Legal?

As mentioned above, the same guidelines that were put in place for gifting marijuana are used for edibles in DC.


When you go to a smoke shop and you ask for “the gifts” most often, you will be presented samples of dry flower and any other DC weed products that shop may carry.


Edibles in DC have become as easy to obtain as a regular old bag of gummy worms from the drug store. No pun intended.


Where to Get Edibles in DC

Edibles in DC

Smoke shops that have opened up once weed became legal in DC, have helped find ways to stay compliant with the laws placed on gifting marijuana.

These smoke shops are the same ones that can help you when you’re looking for edibles in DC.

Cloud9 is one of the best places to find edible gummies in DC. Sour Pack has become a fan favorite.

Sour Pack is DC's top shelf edible with a ride variety of flavors and candies. From watermelon ring edibles to gummy bear edibles, Sour Pack absolutely crushes the DC edibles market.

Sour Pack DC Edibles

You can find Sour Pack at other smoke shops, too. Other DC smoke shops carry them, it’s just that word around town is Cloud 9 has the best prices for them!


If you’re looking for baked edibles in DC, there’s a number of marijuana bakeries that serve up some potent cookies and brownies as well. If you want edibles that have a long shelf life before the edibles go bad, Sour Pack is the answer. Many baked goods have a low shelf life because of ingredients including milk and eggs.


Cloud 9 also carries many other edibles such as nerd ropes and other DC favorites, just stop by anytime at the U St DC Smoke Shop store front and see for yourself.


Beware many of the weed delivery services and lower tier smoke shops in Washington DC. There’s been a few incidents where people have bought what they thought was a lollipop containing THC only to find out a few hours later there’s no THC, at all.

Sour Pack is the most trusted DC edible as of 2020!


How to Buy Edibles in DC


how to buy edibles in DC

It’s important to keep in mind the verbiage used when looking for edibles in DC.


If you don’t know the lingo, you could be turned away from smoke shops that follow the gifting guidelines.


Never enter into smoke shops and ask to buy weed or edibles in DC. What you want to ask, instead, is if the smoke shops have gifts.


In this case, there’s a common ground of respect that you gain from the smoke shops and it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for that way.


Smoke shops like Cloud 9 DC appreciate the customers that understand the gifting process and the best way to go about asking for the goods.


To avoid any run-ins with the law, it’s smart to shop at smoke shops that have done their research to ensure that you are kept safe by being I71 compliant.



Edibles in DC are not all made equal so make sure you get your hands on the best quality and organic edibles in DC that are transparent and honest about their THC content.

 Keep in mind, buying weed in Washington DC is quite new. Buying edibles in DC is even newer. But the kinks have been worked out and proper smoke shops have opened that are better regulated than others that have shut down.

It’s important to keep yourself and the smoke shops safe. So, do your research and you’ll discover a happy road to finding edibles in DC.

Get your hands on some Sour Pack today, guaranteed best edibles in DC! Check out our article on how long do edibles last before they go bad.

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