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How to Order Weed in DC During Covid 19

July 30, 2020 3 min read

How to order weed in DC during a time of crisis seems to be the big question right now.

With a lock down in place, minimal to no hours of operation, and social distancing implemented, how can you score your pot safely with covid 19 weighing heavily on all of our minds?

Medical marijuana dispensaries are considered a necessity but for the general population of DC which consist of many tourist and non-residents, medical marijuana is not an option. Needless to say, a Covid 19 lock down doesn’t deem I71 gift smoke shops a necessity.

But, here at Cloud 9, we’ve conjured up a way to keep that DC weed in your hand with local meet ups and fast and efficient DC weed delivery.

How to Order Marijuana in DC by way of Meet Up

First things first: What is a Meet Up?

A local Meet Up was thought of the moment DC smoke shops were forced to close due to the stay at home order. If DC weed delivery is not available to you, instead of entering a cannabis store front, what do you do? You “meet up” and grab the weed gifts yourself.

Usually meet ups are the same as curbside pickup in Washington DC. You call the store front and place the order and meet right outside of the store. Cloud 9 Art & Smoke is allowing this same option where you can select a meet up location and meet one of our employees who will be wearing a mask

How does a Meet Up work?

how to order weed in dc during covid19

It’s good to get out of the house for a little bit, as long as you’re keeping a safe distance from others. Cloud 9 U St Smoke Shop cares about getting your Initiative 71 gifts to you in the safest and healthiest way possible.

By going to our meet up section of our page and following the easy steps you’ll see that buying weed in DC during a pandemic is quite simple. Also, you’ll be pleased with the highest grade DC weed you can find:

Step 1: Visit our DC Meet Up section in the menu above

Step 2: Choose a meet up location and select your free I71 gift

Step 3: Meet at location to pick up your recreational marijuana - make sure to bring your I.D.

Meet Ups are safe and effective because its minimal contact. Gloves and masks are also being worn by Cloud 9 staff. You can do your part, as well, and do the same. This way there’s no direct contact during the meet up and you get exactly what you need to have a cozy quarantine night in. Curbside pickup for cannabis at it's best!

How to Buy Weed Through Delivery During Coronavirus Outbreak

 The other option for getting your marijuana is to use a DC weed delivery service.

Cloud 9 offers covid friendly DC pot delivery services that caters to the sensitive needs of public health at the moment. All of our drivers wear mask, wash their hands before every transaction, wear gloves, and are screened for any illnesses.

Get all of your favorite marijuana products sent directly to your location of request.

Step 1: Visit our DC Weed Delivery section in the menu above.

Step 2: Choose a delivery location and select your free I71 gift

Step 3: Our driver will bring your recreational marijuana - make sure to have your I.D.

Safety Measures Taken During Meetups by Cloud 9 staff

Safety Precautions for ordering weed in DC

There’s a number of ways that Cloud 9 helps reduce the spread of this virus.

Washing hands before a meetup, wearing gloves and a mask, and washing hands after a meetup are the main safety measures taken by this smoke shop staff. Changing gloves to a fresh pair after each transaction is also done by Cloud 9 meetup staff.

Furthermore, hand sanitizer is used if there’s multiple transactions that are done in a short amount of time. Cloud 9 follows all public health regulations for curbside pickup and delivery services to help ensure you get the best cannabis products while still respecting social distancing and the stay at home order.


Cloud 9 cares about you during COVID 19.

It is advised to keep the smoking sesh with your friends on the back burner until this coronavirus outbreak quarantine is over and the pandemic has ended. As long as everyone does their part, this year will be behind us before we know it!

To place an order for meetup just go to the website and follow the simple steps!

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