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Buying Weed in DC Encyclopedia

May 31, 2020 3 min read

When it comes to buying weed in DC, there’s many words and terms that have been heard over the years. Whether you’re new to DC weed or you’ve been around a minute and need to know the definitions but it’s too late to ask. We’ve got you covered. One thing is for sure, getting the verbiage down is the most important part to buying weed in DC.


420:A holiday dedicated to smoking excessive amounts of marijuana.

A leaf-based cigar used to roll up marijuana.

Blunt:Cannabis filled hollowed out cigar.

Bowl:A type of blown glass, also referred to as a marijuana smoking pipe.

Slang term used to describe strong smelling cannabis.

Bud:Another word for marijuana.

Cannabis:A hemp plant. Also referred to as marijuana.

Concentrate:A potent extraction from cannabis; generally, to produce oils/wax.

DC Loud:Slang term commonly used in the DMV for that chronic.

Base ingredient of most edibles and vape cartridges. Potent cannabis oil that typically lacks flavor, aroma, taste.

Downstem:A long tube used in water filtration systems to connect the marijuana bowl to the water source.

THC infused cannabis used to cook or make foods such as; candy, brownies, butter, tea etc. etc. Euphoria is often felt in waves after consumption due to longer periods of the body absorbing and digesting the marijuana.

Fire:Slang term used to describe high quality cannabis; example, “I just smoked some of that fire weed” or one can also say “that was some flame”.

Flower:Cannabis bud.

When referring to weed or marijuana.

Gifting:Voluntarily giving another individual cannabis or other marijuana related goodies.

Hash Oil:
Concentrated THC extract.

I71 Compliant:States that no one under the age of 21 is allowed to possess any amount of marijuana, individuals 21+ are allowed to possess no more than two oz at a given time, grow no more than 6 plants, and no purchasing or exchanging goods in return for weed unless the transfer is gifted.

Initiative 71:Recreational law that passed to ensure marijuana enthusiasts to be able to possess up to two oz or less and transfer no more than one ounce at a time without any form of payment in exchange.

Joint:Marijuana rolled with papers instead of a cigar.

THC concentrated flower that is produced in a powder form. Three-chamber herb grinders are most commonly known to produce and collect this powder.

Known as high quality grade marijuana. Can also be known as an Indica strain from Afghanistan.

Mary Jane:Slang term used to refer to marijuana.                                                                           

MeetUp:Meeting up with a delivery service or at a storefront to pick up your I71 gift(s).

Nectar Collector:Small glass tube used to smoke oil concentrates or waxes.

Slang term used to describe extravagant high-quality marijuana.

Term used to refer to a Philly blunt. Cigar consists of a mild blend of Dominican and Honduran tobaccos which is taken out and replaced with marijuana.

Term used to refer to cannabis/weed.

Premium quality grade strain consisting of cross-breeding Zkittlez and Gelato. Marijuana enthusiast have typically referred to this strain to giving sugary candy aroma.

Sesh:When two or more individuals get together to smoke weed.

Shatter:A highly potent concentrate extracted from cannabis containing high levels of THC; comes in a solid form that can be very fragile or break into pieces.

Sneak a Toke:Going somewhere in secret to take a hit or smoke of marijuana.

An abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol. The most commonly known cannabinoid found in marijuana plants. THC contains the psychoactive components in the plant.

Vape mod:A generally larger smoking device used to smoke marijuana; often expelling high vapor production.

Vape Pen:A device used for smoking cannabis extracted oils.

Wax:A highly concentrated form of cannabis made from extracted marijuana.

Weed:Term referring to the cannabis plant, marijuana.

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