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DC Smoke Shop Encyclopedia (Glossary for Frequently Used Words)

May 31, 2020 3 min read

DC Smoke Shop words get thrown around all the time but if you aren’t familiar with the lingo and verbiage, things could get lost in translation. Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of weed or if you’ve been in the game a minute and it’s too late for questions, we’ve got you covered!


420:A national holiday dedicated to smoking excessive amounts of marijuana. Originating in 1971 when five high school students used the term “4:20” when looking for an abandoned cannabis plant they found on a treasure map from a grower.

Blunt: Hollowed out cannabis filled cigar.

Bong:A type of glass piece used to smoke cannabis out of. It can come in forms of ceramic, acrylic, or glass.

A type of blown glass, also referred to as a marijuana smoking pipe.

Bud:To describe cannabis or marijuana.

Budtender:An individual who works at an establishment in gifting customers with cannabis or cannabis related products.

Cannabis:A term to refer to marijuana.

Chillum:Commonly also referred to as a one hitter or one hitter pipe, used to smoke cannabis.  

Concentrate:A highly potent THC extract from the marijuana plant.

Dank: A slang term used to describe high quality marijuana.

Dry Flower: Term used to describe marijuana or bud.

Dugout: A one hitter with a built-in ash system used to discreetly smoke weed.

Edibles: THC infused cannabis used to cook or make foods such as; candy, brownies, butter, tea etc. etc. Euphoria is often felt in waves after consumption due to longer periods of the body absorbing and digesting the marijuana.

Glassware: Glass pieces that are used to smoke weed or cbd out of.

Hash: Also known as hashish, is the resin collected from the flowers of the cannabis plant. Contains high contents of THC.

Head Shop: An establishment that sells glassware or marijuana related products.

I71 compliant: States that no one under the age of 21 is allowed to possess any amount of marijuana, individuals 21+ are allowed to possess no more than two oz at a given time, grow no more than 6 plants, and no purchasing or exchanging goods in return for weed unless the transfer is gifted.


Joint: Marijuana rolled with papers instead of a cigar. Typically burns much faster than a blunt.

Kief: THC concentrated flower that produces a powder form from the bud. Three-chamber herb grinders are most commonly known to produce and collect this powder.

Loud: A slang term to describe high quality grade marijuana.

Marijuana Gifts: Cannabis gifts that are given either from a smoke shop or individual.

Nectar Collector: A small glass tube used to smoke oil concentrates or waxes.

Nitrogen Cans: Premium grade marijuana stored in a can using nitrogen to seal the container. Nitrogen sealed cans allow for buds to be able to continually cure, all while maintaining freshness and an odorless smell. This maximizes potency in the marijuana.

Pot: Term used to refer to marijuana or cannabis.

Preroll: A joint or blunt of marijuana stuffed inside a paper or cigar.

Sesh: When two or more individuals get together to smoke weed.

Shatter: A highly potent concentrate extracted from cannabis containing high levels of THC; comes in a solid form that can be very fragile or break into pieces.

Smacked:A term to describe being really, really high.

Sneak a Toke: When you’re around family or friends and you need to make a quick run to the back to get your medical (marijuana) fix.

Stay Lit:A term used to describe being high.

Stiiizy: A discreet device used to smoke weed by vaporizing the buds. Product comes in a multiple array of flavors and strains. Typically produces euphoric head highs while delivering soothing bodily relaxation.

U Street Smoke Shop: A smoke shop that has a storefront on U St. in DC.

Vape Pen: A smoking device that uses oils extracted from cannabis to vape.

Wax: A highly concentrated THC extract that comes in a wax like form. Texture can be described as being similar to honey except slightly more solidified.

Weed: Term used to describe marijuana, Mary Jane, cannabis, bud, flower, pot.

Weed Maps: A directory site allows consumers to find local cannabis products, dispensaries and brands, as well as check updated menus to find deals. Orders are placed online.

Where’s Weed: An online directory that allows for marijuana lovers to search and shop for weed of their preference, vapes, or goodies such as edibles.

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