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Cannabis Events in DC

April 20, 2020 2 min read

Pop Ups In DC

Pop-ups in DC have been very popular over the years with many people from all around the DMV attending.

However, it isn’t exactly the safest or legal way to go about finding weed.

Despite the popularity it has gained, it is quickly dying out as majority of places get raided or shut down. Pop up events in Washington DC rarely abide by the I71 laws and are said to be very illegal. When recreational weed laws passed, it allowed for the possession of up to two ounces at any given time and consumption for only in the comfort of the individuals home or private property. Under no circumstance does initiative 71 state you are allowed to sell cannabis. Pop ups operate the complete opposite, selling not just weed, but pretty much any other cannabis related products.

How to Find Weed Pop Ups in DC

So how difficult is it exactly as to how to find weed pop ups in DC?

Not hard at all.

In fact, pop up events are all over Instagram and Eventbrite. But remember to take safety precautions when choosing to go. These events have a tendency to be hosted in shady areas. Products are never guaranteed as you never know what you’re getting. You are also running the risk of getting caught by the police. Instead, if you’re looking for some of that loud and you want to stay safe, head over to Cloud9DC smoke shop on U Street. Not only does Cloud9 carry premium products and goodies, they are also switching to pick-up. This is a great option when considering the pandemic crisis, we’re in. You can place your order online and then meet to pick up your I71 gifts and goodies!

how to get weed in dc

They have trustworthy brand-named strains and take safety measures that go above and beyond. This is a better alternative than your typical pop up event, which is a constant anxiety trip when attending and not knowing what’s going to happen. More the reason to stick with a safe choice!

Sidenote: Also due to the coronavirus outbreak, finding pop ups in the area at the moment are even riskier than usual since high area crowded areas are no longer allowed. Be smart when choosing where to get your greenery.



There’s no doubt that weed pop up events are a good time. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best suitable choice for you.

Your safety and satisfaction are a must, so by rolling the dice on which pop up to attend to, you are running a high-risk chance of involving numerous issues and concerns. Better to save yourself a headache and grab your delicious Mary Jane from a trusted smoke shop as mentioned before. Last thing anyone wants is dealing with the cops when all you need is some good ole fire weed. We hope you’re keeping out of danger while still being able to maintain a happy time indoors with some mouthwatering cannabis flower.

For all you marijuana lovers out there, please stay safe and most importantly high!

Thanks for reading!

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