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How to Buy Weed from a Smoke Shop in DC

May 11, 2020 3 min read

How to buy weed from a smoke shop in Washington DC is a great question.


Smoke shops in Washington DC, have been quite trendy since recreational weed laws passed, making it easier to obtain marijuana. This is a huge plus for anyone travelling through DC looking to buy some premium quality weed.


DC Head shops are also very similar to these smoke shops other than the fact that the former one is primarily for glassware or cannabis-related products such as rolling papers or pipes. 


A smoke shop in DC generally carries cannabis flower, concentrates, wax, shatter, dabs, and other goods like edibles.


Now that we got you covered on the basics, we are going to go over how and if you can purchase pot in our nations capitol, and also what to avoid when making the transaction so you avoid a world of issues.


Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!


 Can You Buy Weed from A DC Smoke Shop?

Being a veteran smoker of 13+ years, I often hear the golden question, “can you buy weed from a smoke shop?”


Yes. You certainly can. Except, it isn’t what you might think. 


The term “buy” is restricted when referring to marijuana or any cannabis-related products.


In order to comply with state regulations, I71 compliance laws state that under no circumstance must any individual receive weed in exchange for goods or a situation where any form of payment is made.


So walking into a smoke shop in DC and asking to buy marijuana would make it a transaction that is completely opposite of what the rule says. 


Proper Terminology When Going To a Washington DC Smoke Shop 

 how to buy weed from a smoke shop in dc

It is essential to use the proper terminology when going to a smoke shop to buy weed. Knowing the correct verbiage to use and say will be detrimental in obtaining your weed. 


How smoke shops work around the grey area of the law, is to donate their weed in forms of gifting.


 This means you are purchasing an item such as a sticker, art print, t-shirt, and after purchasing the item you will then be gifted your marijuana. The laws allow for up to one ounce of recreational DC weed to be gifted!


Depending on the store, they will have different options to purchase an item (not related to cannabis), and in return, they are gifted with bud or flower of their choice.


Cloud9 DC is a prime example of a high-quality smoke shop located on U street.


Their storefront follows all I71 guidelines and has a wide variety of art prints as well as artwork from local artists in the DMV. They have a tasty selection of edibles and premium grade strains to choose from. 


When speaking to a budtender, it is important to stray away from words like “buy weed” or “purchase marijuana”.


Instead, words like gifts and donations are more acceptable.


Cloud9 DC will not allow for any customers to buy weed or any marijuana products. They will, however, be more than happy to offer you a premium gift of your choice after sticking precisely to the correct verbiage.

 how to buy weed in dc

Below are quick and easy steps to show how fluid the process can be when buying weed in DC. 


Step 1: Enter the store and nicely greet your budtender. 

Step 2: Ask if they offer a gift selection for art prints.                                           

Step 3: Purchase the art print of your choice.

Step 4: After purchasing your art print, you are then able to browse your free optional gift selection. 

Step 5: That's it! You’re all set to get your toke on. 

Due to Covid-19 there are many changes with how business operate and purchasing your marijuana in DC safely is a primary concern for Cloud 9 U Street. 

To buy weed in DC safely during covid-19 go to Cloud 9 DC and select pick up or delivery! 



After reading this blog, you will be more confident when walking into a DC smoke shop to buy weed. Check out our popular article on how to weed out the shady store fronts and find yourself the best smoke shops in DC.


In short, if you’re looking to get a hold of some of that pack, make sure to stick to the appropriate verbiage when walking into a smoke shop Washington DC. How cruddy would it be to finally make your way in a store just to get turned away or told they don’t sell cannabis? 


Save yourself the trouble, and be smart and knowledgeable when retrieving your cannabis treats, and, most importantly, BE KIND to your local budtenders.

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