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Initiative 71

January 09, 2022 4 min read

Initiative 71 is a blessing granted to recreational weed smokers in DC. The complexity of it is the one downside. When it comes to understanding Initiative 71, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you will become an expert on Washington DC Initiative 71 and how to stay I71 compliant while enjoying weed and all its benefits.

i71 compliant laws

What Is Initiative 71?

Prop 71 DC came about following the first bill passed in favor of marijuana being legalized.

Let’s get a better understanding of the history. Initiative 59 was passed in 1998. It granted those with serious or fatal diseases and medical conditions the right to use medical marijuana with a physician’s recommendation.

Nearly twenty years later, on February 26, 2015, DC prop 71 won the vote by a whopping 70.1%. To many, this seems other marijuana legalization of possession in other states. But it is important to understand initiative 71 DC has many layers of nuances before one can legally buy weed in DC.

Important Key Points of Initiative 71

initiative 71 marijuana facts in dc

If you want to buy weed while staying I-71 compliant then you are going to want to keep in mind these main points:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older
  • You can possess up to two ounces of marijuana (56g)
  • It is illegal to smoke in public
  • You cannot purchase marijuana, but it can be gifted up to 1 ounce
  • Driving while under the influence of pot is illegal and equivalent to driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • You can grow in your home, up to 6 cannabis plants, but only 3 of which can be in the flowering stage.

What’s that you say? I can grow my own weed? We want to dive deeper into this topic.

How Many Plants Can I Grow Under Initiative 71 Washington DC?

If there’s one thing to remember about Initiative 71 it’s this, the phrase “Home grow; home use!”

If you choose to grow your own weed and stay I-71 compliant, understand that up to 3 mature marijuana plants is permitted for 1 adult 21 or older, or 6 mature marijuana plants if you live in a household with more than 1 adult that is 21 or older.

Home cultivation is a brilliant way to avoid a run-in with the law while enjoying weed. Although the downside is growing takes a lot of patience, time, and expensive growing equipment. This is a commonly shared frustration with recreational users. Why is weed legal only if grown by yourself? This makes it seem impossible to smoke weed legally in DC.

The shared frustration stated above is how Cloud9 came to be. If you want to purchase marijuana for personal use and stay I71 compliant, you can rest easy and put your trust in us.

Legalization of Growing Your Own Marijuana

Possession of minimal amounts is legal in Washington DC, growing your own marijuana is legal in Washington DC, but since there's limits to how much marijuana you can possess (two ounces) there are obviously going to be limits to how much marijuana you can grow. Although, it would be pretty cool to walk into your friends house and see a sea of green.

What are the legal limits to how much weed you can grow? 3 flowering plants are allowed per adults 21 years or older. Flowering plants means that the marijuana plants are budding. Legalization of marijuana has given us weed enthusiasts something to look forward to everyday! Growing your own weed is very rewarding but does take lots of time and effort.

 Legalization of Possession

For adults 21 and older to possess weed is legal. With the legalization of possession, residence of DC can even get weed delivered to their home or business. Marijuana use is no longer frowned upon in society.

Once the ballot initiative was passed, there was backlash from those against legalization of even minimal amounts of marijuana. Another ballot was in the works to go against Initiative 71 that would not allow for minimal amounts of marijuana to be legal. But fortunately for the residence of DC, that did not pass. Legislature actually said they will NOT use government funding to bust anyone for possession of marijuana for personal use.

One ounce of marijuana can be gifted at a time but you can have two ounces of marijuana. And that seems like a fair amount of drug paraphernalia to be permitted walking around the district with.

Marijuana legalization in the District of Columbia is a done deal thanks to the personal use act. You can read more on how to buy weed in DC, just click here!

Where can I buy weed in DC- I71 Compliant

The answer to the question asked by those once confused by Initiative 71 DC, is now being answered. Cloud 9 has done all the groundwork and research to understand the law fully. You can trust Cloud 9 dc headshop to gift you up to one ounce of marijuana all while following the guidelines of this ballot initiative.

Now you have access to top grade dcmj with little effort and no chance of being penalized for obtaining it.

If you're in DC for business or pleasure and you want to find out all you need to know about Washington DC marijuana, read up here!


Cloud 9 provides DC's most premium dcmj and you can rest assured we follow proposition 71 DC so you are receiving your free gift in a safe and trusted environment. The days of the shady back alley deals are done, or how about those dirty smoke shops - you know what I mean.

If you are looking for a brand that puts your safety and the legal red tape first, then Cloud 9 is your one stop destination in Washington DC for initiative 71 marijuana.

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