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How To Spot A Great Washington DC Smoke Shop

March 16, 2020 4 min read

So just what is a DC Smoke shop and how do you weed out all the sketchy ones and find the best one?


With the Washington DC smoke shop and gifting economy on the rise now, there is quite a bit to understand before you walk into any DC weed store and attempt to order.


You can legally possess and grow weed, smoke it on your property, and have it in public, but you can't legally sell or buy weed.


If you’re confused by this, you’re not alone.


We want to bring clarity to the most common topic surrounding marijuana in DC and the best way to go about obtaining it.


Initiative 71 Compliant Smoke Shop in DC

Initiative 71

What makes a DC smoke shop great?

Being I71 compliant, of course.

It’s safe to say you’re wanting to avoid confrontation with the law when looking for weed in DC. So it's crucial to pick a smoke shop that has a perfect understanding of I71 and chooses to follow the guidelines of this grey market. 


Are you under the impression you can walk into any smoke shop and hand over sixty dollars and walk out with your weed?

You can’t.

That would be considered illegal. Have you actually done this? If you answered yes, I’m sorry to tell you, you walked a fine line that could have ended with a possession charge.


A high quality DC Smoke shop will follow all the rules of I71 and in the end this is for your safety as well! 


The importance of staying I71 compliant not only protects the DC smoke shop. It protects you, too.


I71 states you must be 21 years of age, and you cannot purchase weed. When a smoke shop in DC understands this and runs the business accordingly, you have nothing to fear.


To fully understand Initiative 71, make sure to check out our many DC weed law articles in our blog section.


Why is a Washington DC Smoke Shop that is I71 Compliant is important?


Some of the smoke shops in DC that chose to take the rebel route and not stay I71 compliant were busted, raided, and charged by cops, as a trap house would be.


There are a few of these businesses today that still stand, but most of them have been shut down.


Would you feel comfortable walking into a smoke shop in DC, knowing at any moment this could happen again? I know I sure wouldn’t. 


Cloud 9 DC, U Street Smoke Shop, has done a thorough job of fully understanding all the ins and outs of Initiative 71 for you.

You will be gifted weed with your purchase of artwork. Knowing you’ve walked into a trustworthy smoke shop is important.


Is getting weed from DC smoke shops legal?


As mentioned above, if you walk into a smoke shop in DC and ask to purchase weed and are successful with that, you and that business are not compliant with I71, and the consequences could be a fine or even jail time. To get weed legally, it must be gifted.

If you are under the age of 21 and you were able to obtain weed from a smoke shop in DC without proof of ID, you could be penalized. To stay I71 compliant means to only gift weed to those 21 or older.

Let's say you are 21, you were IDed, you were gifted weed, but it was above 1 ounce, you have dealt with a smoke shop in DC that is not I71 compliant, which could lead to a run-in with the law. Being gifted more than 1 ounce is considered illegal.


Are DC Smoke Shops Safe?


The more I71 compliant the smoke shop in DC is, the safer it is. When a smoke shop takes the time to understand and implement Initiative 71, it can be trusted as a safe place to be gifted the goods.

Think of a smoke shop that takes I71 compliance seriously as the nerd in school you would cheat off of. That nerd is to be trusted! Don't put your trust in the smoke shop that is slinging weed left and right. Just as you wouldn't trust your grades with the burnout.

DC Smoke Shop Cloud 9

So to define a great DC smoke shop, they must have premium marijuana products, great prices, and be 100% I71 compliant. These are the three things you have to check off.


Make sure to check out Cloud 9 DC. Even though DC smoke shops maybe shut down during the covid you can still get DC weed delivered or picked up at your need with Cloud 9 DC, U street smoke shop.


We understand you are eager to get your hands on some reputable dry flower. Cloud9 is the nerd to be trusted with all your weed needs! We’ve done our homework. It’s important that you feel safe and comfortable when going the gifting route. Please share with us your experience in the comment section.

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