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Cannabis Concentrates in DC-Best of 2022

February 11, 2021 6 min read

Marijuana is a legal and booming industry in Washington DC, but marijuana users can find more than just a classic flower in our nation’s capital.

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Increasingly there is a wide range of marijuana concentrates in DC. As legal restrictions are loosening around the country, cannabis users have a diverse collection of products to match their lifestyles.Among the newest cannabis products are THC waxes and resins. 

What is THC wax? Essentially, marijuana waxes are a highly-concentrated form of cannabis often used for vaping or dabbing. Wax often looks like honey, glass, or amber and texturally resembles clay.


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High-quality wax often features a distinctive amber hue. Among cannabis extracts, wax is one of the most potent — with THC levels reaching 60% to 80%. These levels dwarf the amount of THC found in a classic joint. Because of this, the high from cannabis wax can be intense. Beyond its potency, wax offers a pleasing flavor. 

Enjoyed for their pleasing user experience and more intense high, waxes and other cannabis products are quickly gaining traction worldwide, andWashington DC marijuana concentrates are no exception. 

Types of Cannabis Concentrates 

Cannabis concentrates are trending, and for good reason. We love that they give the user more control over the way they enjoy their cannabis. However, with so many oils and concentrates on the market, it can be difficult to navigate the purchasing process. To complicate matters even further, similar products often go by unique names. Fortunately, most can be broken down into these categories:

Solvent-based Concentrates

Solvent-based extracts are diverse in their flavor, texture, and smell. These differences are the result of the different types of solvents and purging methods used during extraction. Types of solvent-based concentrates include:

  • Hydrocarbon (BHO).These extracts are primarily used for dabbing and are created with butane and propane, which strip the cannabis from the plant when placed under pressure. The final product is free from solvent and retains its unique terpenes and cannabinoids. BHOs — which contain a range of 70% to 90 % cannabinoids— include oils, shatter, wax, honeycomb, and more. 
  • CO2.Rather than chemical solvents, some cannabis extracts utilize CO2 to extract the cannabis material from the plant. CO2 is known for being one of the safer solvent-based methods, as it is similar to the decaffeination process for coffee and other pharmaceutical uses. Most often, CO2 oils are used for vape cartridges. 
  • Distillate. Distillate is a process that removes any excess lipids, terpenes, or fats from the plant to reveal pure cannabinoids. Because of the purity and lack of taste, distillate is often used in products such as edibles or topicals. 

Solventless Cannabis Concentrates

Solventless extracts are as diverse in their qualities as solvent-based extracts, but they're derived via processes using ice, heat, pressure, or mechanical sieves or screens. Because of this, solventless can be considered safer to create and include:

  • Kief.This extract is made by grinding cannabis flowers and passing them through a fine mesh screen. Kief appears in caviar and moonrocks, or to enhance a joint or bowl with extra THC.
  • Dry-Sift.Another form of Kief, Dry-Sift, is a collection of trichome heads. This powdery extract can be pressed into classic hash, rosin, and other products using pressure and heat.
  • Bubble hash.Also called ice hash, bubble hash is extracted using water and dry ice. The flowers are agitated, filtered, washed, and dried to form a dusty, dry, or oil product — depending on nuances within the process. Bubble hash is also known as ice wax or full melt, which can be smoked, dabbed, pressed into rosin, or used in edibles. 
  • Rosin.Rosin is an extremely clean form of cannabis concentrate that is derived using pressure and heat. Rosin is high in cannabinoids and terpenes and goes by many names — sap, rosin jam, solventless hash oil or SHO, and budder, to name a few. Flower rosin, hash rosin, or dry-sift rosin are a few varieties of rosin. 

Best DC Concentrates 

Concentrates come in a wide range of consistencies, colors, smells, and textures. For example, wax is a soft and opaque form of cannabis that comes in a variety of textures. Pull and snap are similar to taffy in texture, and oil is fluid and runny. With so many cannabis products to choose from, here are our recommendations for thebest concentrates in DC:



DC Cannabis Badder

Known as batter, butter, orbadder, this concentrate is a lovely whipped or aerated product that is similar to cake batter or butter in texture. It often resembles a fluffy dollop of whipped cream. As a form of cannabis wax, this concentrate offers an intense high. We recommend ordering your badder from a reputable seller like Cloud 9

Best Shatter in DC 

Formed from the BHO process, shatter is named for its hardness and translucence, which resembles shattered glass. This product is developed by pouring raw extracts into a fat slab and allowing the solvents to evaporate. Shatter is temperamental — making this sought after product difficult to create. To find thebest shatter in DC, utilize a home delivery service or COVID-safe pickup service like Cloud 9.  

Best Live Resin in DC

Also known as live sugar, live resin often contains distinct “diamonds” of THC. These gems are created during the solvent-based extraction processes. “Live” describes the freshness of the plant, which is frozen immediately after harvest. This instantaneous process results in a flavorful and terpene-rich product, making it some of thebest resin. Whether customers opt forstore pickup or delivery, Cloud 9 offers convenient solutions for getting thebest live resin in the capital. 

Best Rosin in DC

Also called budder or sap, rosin is an ultra-clean concentrate that is popular among cannabis users for its high concentration of cannabinoids. We recommend choosing a trusted cannabis seller to procure the highest-quality rosin. 

Buy Dabs in Washington DC

Another form of wax, sticky dabs are commonly used as a quick way to get a stellar high. There a four primary types of dabs you can consume with a vape pen:

  • Shatter.Shatter is easy to handle and can be easily consumed from the heating chamber of a vape — providing the most intense high of the four types of dab. 
  • Crumble.Crumble offers a toned-down user experience compared to the intense high of shatter. 
  • Budder.Because of its peanut butter-like texture, budder must be handled with tools, but it offers a terpene-rich flavor. 
  • Wax. Wax is the least potent of the four but offers the superior flavor.

Dabs offer a portable and user-friendly way to smoke on the go and are popular among travelers. 

DC Vapes

You can trust Cloud 9 DC as your source for purchasing thebest weed vapes in DC. When it comes to vapingTHC wax in DC, this reputable shop is the perfect placeto track down the perfect vape to meet your needs. With so many options to choose from, we recommend: 

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Muha Meds

In our experience, Muha Meds is a great choice for purchasing high-quality cannabis products without additives like Vitamin E, PG, or VG. 

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Stiiizy DC 

The Stiiizy is easy to use with a breezy swappable pod system and a 210mAh battery.

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Ooze Vape Pen 

This aesthetically pleasing pen features lifetime warrantied batteries, automatic shutoff for safety, and a wide range of colors and styles. We recommend the Ooze for both aficionados and beginners alike. 

Find THC Wax in DC 

For the most premium — and safest — high, it's important to shop around at reputable and legitimate storefronts. Because of the potency of wax, users should know exactly what they’re consuming. Buying fake or impure concentrates can lead to dangerous vape malfunctions, negative high experiences, and even overdose. Luckily, you’ll be in good hands with a seller likeCloud 9 DC, where you can find the best of the  best in DC wax. 


With all the new and exceedingly high amount of cannabis concentrates flooding the city, it’s safe to say that one must be cautious when in search of those delicious dabs that we all love so much. Pure THC concentrates are not just the cleanest method of smoking weed, but it is also an enjoyable option for those who need that instantaneous intense feeling high without having to take 3 bong rips back to back.

They don’t produce a strong lasting aroma that lingers unlike dry flowers, which is also another reason why many prefer these over dry herbs. No matter your concentrate choice, you now know you can shop comfortably and confidently at Cloud 9 DC Art & Smoke Shop, without fear of getting scammed or purchasing a poor quality cannabis product.

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