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Weed in DC 2023 - The Good the Bad and the Dank

January 28, 2021 6 min read

With legislation constantly evolving in the US, there’s nothing more patriotic than smoking weed in DC, our great nation’s capital.  


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Now that Mary Jane is legal in Washington, DC, finding the highest quality weed can be tough as more doors open up shop.  Although there may be more ways to casually get weed, how do you know what good weed is vs. bad weed?  Where do you get the dankest DC weed?

weed in dc

As the DC marijuana scene grows, you’ll find you most likely find your weed through word of mouth.  This might lead you to poor quality cannabis.  If you want the best DC cannabis you have to find the most reputable sources, which is probably what led you here.  

Whether you are a veteran smoker, or new to cannabis, it’s always good to learn what the best strains Washington DC marijuana has to offer, how to get them, and how to source your marijuana in DC safely.

2 Things You Need to Know about DC Weed Before You Buy

Before you get your weed in DC, whether you are a local or visiting, you are going to want to know some important things to save you from mediocre quality, and miss out on some amazing strains.  

If you already know how to tell the difference between good weed vs. dank weed, you can skip directly below to the most reputable source for the most primo strains Washington DC weed has to offer.

If you want to be an expert on analyzing and telling the difference between strains like a pro, read on.

Not all DC Cannabis is Made Equal

It might be hard to tell the difference between good and dank weed in Washington DC, but it’s always obvious when it’s downright bad to average, aka shwag, shake weed, or the mediocre “Reggie” weed.  

In bottom shelf weed, you’ll find it contains more stems and seeds, is less colorful, and more brown or dark than green.  You can also tell by feeling it, bad weed will typically be dry and brittle in small compressed buds, where premium weed will be in whole sticky semi-moist nugs.

dc cannabis

Unfortunately, a lot of this low-quality cannabis is being dished out left and right but being marketed and sold as premium strains at high prices.  DC is becoming more saturated with poor quality service and product, as both experienced and new customers are falling victim to this trap.

Where do you find Premium Washington DC Marijuana?

So where do you find the most trustworthy source for marijuana in DC, where you can be confident that they are serving you the latest, freshest, most premium strains?  

Reputation is upheld by the support and voice of local customers who stand by their brands loyally. Taking time to check out customer reviews pays off when getting weed in DC. Cloud 9 DC has been well established in the local community and stands by its brand with its stringent quality control, attentive customer service, and continuous improvement.  

Here’s how to weed DC out and find the best buds.  When you get your high-end flower, use your senses to look for these qualities.

  1. Smell - this is probably the first thing everyone does when they pick up a bud or open a bag, sniff it.  High quality and a strong fragrance have a positive correlation, usually smelling pleasant, pungent, and sometimes matching the name of the strain. 
  2. Sight - Examine the appearance of your buds, they should have vibrant colors with a deep green color to bluish or purple hues, and usually covered in orange to red hairs.  Another important indicator is the presence of trichomes.  Trichomes from the naked eye appear to be tiny crystals covering the leaves.  These are actually fine hair like growths on the leaves that produce cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals that all work in harmony to give you a well-balanced high. 
  3. Touch - Another important practice in how to identify weed strains that are of the utmost quality, is by feeling the texture, density, and weight of the kush DC is serving up.

Using your fingertips, you should feel a sticky residue, which are those trichomes we talked about earlier, and having some rebound and density when you squeeze it gently.  

It should feel somewhat moist but not wet, and dense rather than light or dry and crumbly.  Now that you are a professional inspection agent of DC bud and a master in identifying marijuana strains, what are the best ones?

The Best DC Cannabis Strains

Every region and state across the country have their own strains, some local, some imported.  The same strain in one state might not be as good as the same strain of DC marijuana.  The following focuses solely on the most award-winning strains of the highest quality DC weed has to offer.  

Here is a sample menu from Cloud 9, one of the more prominent, trusted sources in the DC cannabis community that live up to and exceed industry standards.

DC Kush: LA Kush Cake

dc kush

LA Kush Cake is an indica-dominant strain being a genetic cross of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints. The scent is reminiscent of something that might spark a warm winter holiday memory, having a light vanilla, peppermint taste.

Usually exhibiting a green and purple hue covered in a bed of sparkling trichomes.

Recommended for: These beautiful buds are perfect for people who want to unwind and mellow out after a long day. Be prepared to enjoy an amazing meal as these will be sure to increase your appetite and enhance the flavors of whatever epic dinner you're going to feast on.

DC OG Strain

dc og strain

The Washington DC OG strain is truly a national treasure. This is one of the most potent, pure Indica strains you will ever experience, being packed with 26% THC.

When you think Chocolate City you can think about this dense bud which gives you just that, an amazing chocolate flavor and aroma.

Recommended for:This legendary dark chocolatey DC bud is a fast-acting chronic pain reliver and mood lifter, instantly dissipating migraines and even sometimes nausea. A little goes a long way with this strain as it can have tremendous effects with its condensed high THC content, giving you a boost of energy.

Best Selling Strain in DC: Wookies

dc wookies

Wookies are another inidica-dominant hybrid strain, crossed between girl scout cookies, Chemdawg 91, and The White. a hybrid is an indica-dominant strain being a genetic cross of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints.

Being covered in fuzzy resinous hairs, the Chewbacca looking bud has an herbal, minty, yet sweet aroma and taste to it.

Recommended for: This fuzzy clone will definitely take you to the stars with a potent mentally lifting high that will plant you in your seat ready to jump into hyperspace. A great way to help with chronic pain as it has a sedative effect. In turn Wookies are popular for the medical marijuana patient, giving relief from stress, and creating an uplifting happy effect.

Best Weed in DC: Larry Payton

dc larry payton

Larry Payton (not to be confused with Gary Payton) is a powerful sativa dominant hybrid, crossed between Gelato #33 (aka Larry Bird) and Gary Payton.

The buds have an array of green hues with bright orange hairs, and are covered in a shining bed of beautiful trichomes.

Recommended for: This piney, citrusy bud will produce a heavy euphoric mental and medium body high.

Most Popular DC Strains: Doja Pak

dc strain doja pak

Double Purple Doja is a one of the most popular DC indica strains, crossed between Sputnik #1 and Black Russian. This powerful bud has a beautiful deep purple color, and a hint of fruity, berry-like aromatics.

Recommended for: Having a potent euphoric effect, this strain is great for its sedative qualities giving you a very relaxing effect, best to be used later on in the day after you've gotten through your list of to-dos.


Now that you're equipped with the knowledge on identifying weed strains in DC, and know where you can find the bestselling strain in DC, you can expect to have the best experience in our nations capital.

When it comes to the best weed in DC, it's just a matter of knowing what you are getting, how to pick DC weed, and finding where the most reputable sources are. As there is a vast array of culture and foods in the city, you'll find you can enjoy a different flavor strain to pair with your various foods and drinks to hit your taste buds with the most tantalizing Washington DC marijuana flavors.

Like wine connoisseurs, there's plenty of room for the weed connoisseur to play with courses of marijuana flavors to choose from and make a hobby of it. Whether you want to sit in your room and sink into the sofa for hours, or go take a walk around the tidal basin, there's something from everyone with the most popular cannabis strains in DC. DC cannabis is here to stay and is quickly making a huge wave in the cannabis world, contending with the biggest hitters of LA.

So, get out there and take in the history of our culture, and let your high time in the city go down in history as a time to remember for years to come.

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