Cloud 9 Cares:  Covid Friendly Pickups

DC Smoke Shop Guide 2020

June 14, 2021 3 min read

DC smoke shops seem to be the new Starbucks.


They’re on every corner in the city.


In recent years, since the full legalization of recreational weed, it has been much more easily accessible for those in need of that chronic. Harsh punishments and jail time for a simple possession is now a thing of the past.


Thank goodness!


What no one anticipated for, was the abruptly sprouted Covid19 virus. This made things slightly more complicated in terms of having to come in contact with people, as well as walking in and out of stores.


So how do you know which DC smoke shops are safe and which aren’t?


Keep reading below to find out the most current updates and safety measures smoke shops and head shops have taken, as a result of this pandemic.



Which DC Smoke Shop is Safe during Covid?


During difficult times like these, it can be hard to determine which DC smoke shop is safe during Covid.


Luckily, storefronts like Cloud 9 DC U Street Smoke Shop, hit the high bar when it comes to premium gifts as well as maintaining optimal sanitary precautions.

dc smoke shop safety measures

Cloud 9 DC makes it a top priority in their agenda to make sure safety measures are constantly taken and followed to ensure the safety of their customers and reduce the spread of any viruses. Gloves are changed regularly after every transaction and counter tops are cleaned and wiped down routinely.


What more can you ask for from a DC smoke shop that not only offers a clean and safe environment, but high-quality gifts as well?


Getting Weed from a DC Smoke Shop using DC Weed Delivery


If you’re a resident in DC or even if you aren’t, getting weed from a DC smoke shop using DC weed delivery is a high in demand alternative due to the convenience it offers. It takes away the hassle of you having to drive anywhere, making it effortless for all you stoners out there.

dc weed delivery

Getting weed from a DC delivery service is as simple as it sounds. Just follow these steps:


  1. Pick a product of your choice
  2. Choose a meetup location
  3. Select your I71 compliant gift option
  4. Provide your ID and proof of age upon arrival

That’s it! You can have your delicious premium I71 gift delivered right at your doorstep in the time it takes for you to finish your blunt!


Whether you’re having a relaxing night in, or looking for a simple and easy way to get your dank, DC weed delivery is the right option for you!


Identifying a Good DC Head Shop


Identifying a good DC head shop can be tricky especially if you aren’t familiar with how DC storefronts work.


If weed delivery isn’t the right option for you, you could of course always just buy your weed from a DC smoke shop.


For starters, there are over 25+ shops in Washington DC that offer cannabis gifts. The hard part is distinguishing which DC head shop is the best one for you.


There are many factors that go into these head shops. One thing’s for sure, is the main recognizable difference in the quality of the gifts in which you are receiving. Chances are, if the products are really low in price, it most likely reflects the quality. Though this isn’t always the case, it certainly is one to consider.


Remember, you get what you pay for!


Another thing to look for is, is the storefront maintaining its cleanliness protocols? You’d be surprised to find that 70% of stores have completely disregarded these precautions and are going about their business as usual. If you find yourself walking into one of these head shops, I’d recommend steering clear and heading to a reputable trustworthy place such as Cloud 9 DC smoke shop as previously mentioned above. It’s also one of the few smoke shops that are open during Covid19. You’d be saving yourself the trouble.


Nobody wants to go to a storefront that isn’t constantly sterilized. Be smart!




Getting your hands on some fire DC bud has never been easier since the I71 legalization. Just be sure to check off all the factors like price, quality, and most importantly sanitary measures taken by the store. Getting that dank does nothing if it means you contract a virus at the same time. Be safe and extra careful when deciding which Washington DC smoke shop is right for you!


So why wait?


Get in contact with your favorite local DC head shop or DC smoke shop today!


And get your premium I71 gifts now!


Thanks for reading.

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