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Smoke Shops Open During COVID19

April 06, 2020 3 min read

If you’re currently in DC and you love weed, you’re probably concerned about what smoke shops are open during COVID19.

Times are intense right now, and everyone is stocking up on toilet paper, paper towels, food, and weed.

Speaking to the ones that weren’t bothered by the pandemic, at first, but are quickly realizing the severity of the situation, now. Know this. DC weed is still in rotation and still readily available to you.

In this article, you’ll learn the proper measures to take to stock up on your favorite flower in DC.

Which smoke shops are open during COVID19?

smoke shops open during covid19

With the lock down that was placed on Washington due to the coronavirus, hours of operation for Cloud9 DC changed, but is one of the smoke shops in the city that have remained open for those looking to stock up on that loud.

Cloud9 has taken all the proper measures to ensure that the health and safety of their employees and customers are maintained. This is top priority these days. As it should be for everyone. Whether you’re buying DC weed or not.

The major concern for the majority of people all over the world during this time is safety. Nothing prevails in a world if everyone’s health is jeopardized or neglected.

Are smoke shops safe during COVID19?

Staying home has become an order. It’s not a recommendation anymore.

But with the allowance of necessities being tolerable to get out and about to purchase, DC smoke shops is on that list of necessary stops for a lot of DC locals.

It’s important to understand that your health and safety is taken into deep consideration by Cloud9 owners and operators but it’s also up to you to take care of what you can on your end.

For smoke shops to operate effectively with such high tension, people want to be sure the proper safety measures are being taken prior to entering an establishment.

So, for Cloud9 DC, what does that look like?

Proper safety measures taken by smoke shops

safety measures taken by smoke shops

Cleanliness is king right now. Sanitization has never been taken more seriously. Cloud9 is newly opened as of earlier this year, 2020 so, deep cleaning has been easier to maintain.

The staff that operates Cloud9, takes shifts to sanitize the counter tops, floors, doors, windows, bathrooms, sample items, and their own hands. Every time a customer enters the store, the sanitization is done all over again once that customer leaves.

Customers are required to keep a healthy 6 feet distance from each other.

Furthermore, Cloud9’s staff and employees wear gloves while operating their smoke shops.

It’s important for you, as the customer, to do the same in preparation to venture out at a time like this. The coronavirus has forced us into an uncomfortable position. It’s up to you to take this as serious as it has gotten lately. Do your part and wear gloves and safety masks, too. Continue to wash your hands and never touch your face.

We realize it is common sense and repetitive but it has never been more crucial to remember these things.


Weed is considered a necessity to a lot of people in DC. With that, comes the duty of Cloud9 to abide by all laws placed during this pandemic and follow the guidelines placed to ensure the health and safety of everyone is not compromised.

Please stay safe and stay high!

Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers

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