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Weed Shop in DC - Comparing the Good & the Bad

November 18, 2020 5 min read

A weed shop in DC that is respectable and reputable has increased in search recently. With the legalization of marijuana growing in surrounding states comes an over saturation of DC weed shops. With over saturation, come many issues.

The quality of marijuana becomes jeopardized. Business opportunists jumped on the DC weed shop bandwagon but didn't have the connection for premium cannabis. Furthermore, safety of customers isn't taken into consideration. These sketchy cannabis stores are looking to make money first, putting the consumer second.

A reputable Washington DC weed shop will provide you the proper experience. If you're new to shopping for weed in DC, you'll want to continue reading to find out what to look for to stay safe and get top quality weed strains!


Weed Shop in Washington DC - What to Look For

 weed shop in dc

Sketchiness surrounds certain Washington DC weed shops. When you're shopping for marijuana in the city, you want to be sure you search for cannabis establishments that have a reputation that is known to offer a safe environment for their customers.

A reputable weed shop in DC will have the customer's safety in mind first. In DC, shopping for legal weed can come with a couple of fears. Will I get in trouble for buying weed? Will I get robbed in the process? Never enter a DC weed shop that is in a shady area that offers minimal protection to their customers. And certainly never purchase weed that is being sold, not gifted.

Most importantly, you want to be sure you're going to get top quality marijuana!

Cloud 9 is a weed shop in DC that you can trust. Luckily, they check all the boxes for being I71 compliant, safe, and selling only top quality, premium cannabis. Additionally, their cannabis is gifted in nitrogen cans that continue to cure your weed after you leave their DC weed shop.


I71 Compliant Washington DC Weed Shop


Buying marijuana from a Washington DC weed shop that is I71 compliant is the most important quality.

What does I71 compliant mean? Initiative 71 was the ballot passed that made gifting weed in DC legal. When a weed shop in Washington DC claims to be I71 compliant, you will be safe from any run-in with cops. I71 compliant weed shops will never sell you marijuana when you ask to buy weed. This is because Initiative 71 states you cannot purchase marijuana, but you can be gifted it! So, verbiage is key when trying to obtain cannabis from an I71 compliant DC weed shop.

I71 compliant weed shops in DC will not allow you to walk in and say, "I'm looking to buy weed!". Cloud 9 does a great job of keeping you aware of what you're saying so that you get what you're looking for. What this does is it ensures you will not get in trouble with the law for being sold weed. Initiative 71 states you cannot sell weed, only gift it.

 weed shop in washington dc


At Cloud 9, your options are buying art prints based at certain prices that will allow for you to be gifted a certain amount of premium cannabis.

When shopping around for marijuana in DC, you'll know if the establishment is not staying compliant with I71 if they allow you to buy weed when you ask. Your safety is important and Cloud 9 makes it top priority. Not just from the cops but from any other detrimental situation that might arise. That's why a DC weed shop that offers safe gifting is important.

So, what does that look like?


DC Weed Shop that Offers Safe Gifting


Safe gifting is one of the things Cloud 9 is known for! When you walk into this weed shop, you automatically feel safe. With a main waiting area that is an art gallery, you can shop different gorgeous art prints while you wait to be let in the purchasing area.

This separation from those in the process of checking out ensures your safety from any unwanted altercation from shady people. It's just you, one other person, and the Cloud 9 bud tender. Intimate and low risk!

Since verbiage while obtaining marijuana in DC is key, keep this in mind while purchasing. But if by chance you slip up and say the wrong thing, you will simply be corrected and steered in the right direction of what to say. This will protect you from any chance of catching a charge.


Weed Shop Washington DC - Premium Cannabis


Top quality, premium cannabis is what you want? That is no issue when you shop at a reputable DC weed shop. Unfortunately, in some cases, you come across some mid grade trying to be sold as premium and that is not a risk you want to take!

Nitrogen cans are what your weed will be gifting in, from Cloud 9 smoke shop. Your weed has been curing since the moment is was packaged, and will continue to cure until the moment you pop that seal. Learn more on which weed strains Cloud 9 is best known for. Premium cannabis should only be gifted this way. Other weed shops in DC that aren't so reputable may give you your weed in a baggie and your experience then becomes relatable to that with a drug dealer.


Smoke Shops DC - What's the Best Option


What's the best option when looking for smoke shops in DC? Cloud 9 Art & Smoke Shop. Cloud 9 is not looking to just sell, sell, sell, and push you on out. They take their time with their customers. They make you feel like family. Your business is appreciated but it's your safety that is valued.

As long as you find a smoke shop in DC that is reputable and persistent with the proper verbiage, you will have no issues safely obtaining your cannabis

Additionally, Cloud 9 offers gifting for a variety of cartridges, gummies, and wax.

Find out all you need to know on the proper way to get weed from smoke shop in DC.




When shopping around for weed in DC, there's no need to pick the first place you see. Do your proper research and you'll see Cloud 9 has everything you're looking for. Your safety is top priority here! And this is the only DC weed shop that has premium cannabis that continues to cure until you pop the seal. Trust Cloud 9 to gift you only the best of the best!

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