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Where to Buy Weed in Washington DC - Tourist Guide

June 14, 2021 6 min read

Just landed in the city and you want to know where tobuy weed in Washington DC?

Many tourists are frequenting the city daily, it’s no surprise to see the high search demand for weed. As a tourist, buying weed leaves no option for medical marijuana for the simple fact it can take over a month to obtain your medical marijuana card.

So if you are just stopping by and you are trying to figure out where to buy weed in Washington DC, worry no more, because by the end of this article you will know exactly how to get your hand on premium indoor cannabis flower without a medical marijuana card and no shady back alley dealers!


Where to Buy Recreational Weed in Washington DC


Welcome to DC!

Want in on a little secret?

The truth is you can get weed just about anywhere in DC.

From DC smoke shops to DC weed delivery services opening every day, the problem isn't about where to buy recreational weed in our nation's capital it's about finding premium weed for great prices. Not only that but buying weed from a reputable company that won't drop the ball on the law!

If you want to understand how to buy weed in Washington DC you first need to understand how to tell the difference between a good smoke shop and a bad one!

Good or bad weed in DC?

But if you want to cut right to the chase and order premium indoor nitrogen can marijuana then visit Cloud 9 Art & Smoke and just select meet up or delivery and you can get your hands on recreational weed that would put medical marijuana to shame.

Check out the image above and you will get an idea of just what you can end up with. The common "reggie" weed in DC or the premium indoor that can be found at Cloud 9 like the popular line: Tropicana Cookies.

Tropicana Cookies DC Weed

Beware of the Subpar Weed Store in DC


There are many weed stores in DC but not all smoke shops are made equal.

Initiative 71 is the law that allowed for gifting of cannabis, and when making a purchase in DC for marijuana one must never trade money for the cannabis gift. If you trade money for cannabis you will be, in fact, violating the law.

A great DC weed store will let you purchase an item first such as an art print or sticker that is equivalent to the weed prices and then after that transaction is done they will gift you the cannabis.

With these subpar smoke shops in DC you will find they just do not care and will sell you anything without respect to the law. Many times these Washington DC weed stores will get raided and that is the last thing you want if you are just traveling through DC, right?

Make sure when you are looking to buy weed in Washington DC that you take your time and find a reputable Smoke Shop. Cloud 9 Art & Smoke has an amazing reputation as just that. You will work into a beautiful art gallery with security and trained budtenders that are there to protect you legally and recommend you the best strains for your needs.

Cloud 9 U St DC Weed Store

 Cloud 9 DC Smoke Shop

Cloud 9 has the reputation for being the one stop shop for premium award winning cannabis strains. With loyal customers growing it was not hard for us to find someone that would share their experience:

"Being a marijuana enthusiast of 15+ years, I’ve frequented many smoke shops in the DC area in search of that premium indoor cannabis gift. Where has that led me? Straight into Cloud 9 on U st.

It collectively marked off all the expectations and more, of what makes a great dispensary/storefront, from my list. For this reason alone, this is the ONLY store I find worth mentioning in this section. Cloud 9 is a new contemporary storefront in DC with exceedingly high-quality cannabis products. They carry a vast variety of premium selections to choose from.

To start, the atmosphere of this shop is aesthetically pleasing to be in. You are first greeted by the captivating clouds they’ve creatively hung on the ceilings along with breathtaking artwork placed across the walls. The backroom is where you are then presented with the delicious gifts and additional art prints.

One word to describe it?


Laila Bluu"

There's a vast array or reasons to choose Cloud 9. I'm tempted to recommend you visit three other smoke shops first and then go to Cloud 9 to see for yourself how great Cloud 9 Art & Smoke really is. Here is a list of benefits.


  • They offer curb side pick up for covid 19 and delivery services with a custom built app that allows you to see just how far away your nugs are.
  • They hire professional budtenders that know their strain and are there to help you and protect you legally.
  • Unlike other DC smoke shops, be reassured the strains you’re receiving is the real deal, and someone didn’t just slam a sticker label claiming otherwise. These are award winning strains, no out door, no stems, no popcorn nugs, and for very fair prices.
  • Premium nitrogen canned dry flower (and as far as I’m concerned, currently the only location on the east coast carrying these nitrogen sealed cans.)
  • The longer the buds are in the container, the more they are cured. In short, the weed is able to manifest higher potency as well as quality, given longer periods of time. This stops your nugs from drying out. We’ve all had that awful experience of taking out what was once our amazing marijuana, but is now a dry, frail nug that disintegrates when going into the grinder.
  • Along with the premium cans, Cloud 9 carries with them their top shelf SourPack Gummies. How mouthwatering is that!? After eating a few of these bad boys, I sunk into a deep bliss that can’t be accurately described with words.


So if you have time to tour the city, make time to pop your head into this lovely DC Weed Store You will never leave unsatisfied.


How to Get Weed Delivered in DC

Are you trying to learn how to get weed delivered in DC right to your door step?

Again, with an influx in weed delivery services in DC you need to be careful because there are a few bad apples out there. Many of these services have no official store front or use fake addresses to register into google. What that means is they will never have any repercussions if they were to give you a shoddy transaction.

Many weed delivery services in DC will advertise amazing pictures but when they hand the pack with you and leave, you will be heart broken to see that it was not at all what you wanted - unless marijuana stems and seeds are your thing.

Cloud 9 Art & Smoke is one of the only DC Weed Stores that also delivers. This means you can go into the store front and check out the flower before actually making an order with their weed delivery service. If you are ever unsatisfied with your order you can go right to the store front and the budtenders will be sure to take care of you.

Cloud 9 takes great pride in their customer service and with their own custom delivery app you can see exactly where your driver is and communicate with them while in route.



We really do hope you enjoy your stay here in DC and that you come back soon. Whether you are here for play or work, just know that Cloud 9 U St Smoke Shop is here to stay and provide you with the best cannabis gifts possible.

Premium marijuana is just one call away whether a weed store in Washington dc or a delivery service for cannabis we have got you covered!

We can't wait for you to go back to your home and tell everyone how you found fire flower in our nation's capital. Just know we will be here for you the next time you visit - happy smoking!

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