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Where To Smoke Weed In DC Legally 2023

January 09, 2022 5 min read

Before you light up just anywhere in our nations capitol, you need to know where to smoke weed in DCsafely. 


We are going to cover just where you can smoke recreational weed in Washington DC, what to avoid, and some secret spots that you can! Keep reading and you will be toking up some flower in DC today! 

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February 2015 is marked by recreational weed users as a very important day. It is the day Initiative 71 was passed. Initiative 71 legalized recreational weed through DC.


Finally, weed could be bought and smoked freely throughout the city ... but dreams of rolling up, walking around DC, and smoking weed with no worries were quickly squashed.


Smoking on public and federal grounds is still prohibited for those wishing to stay I71 compliant. I71 was meant for smokers to enjoy marijuana in the comforts of their home.


Before we get to the subject of where to smoke weed legally in DC, let’s take a closer look at what is considered "public"under the law.

where to smoke weed in dc

What is Considered Smoking “in Public” under the Law?

Before we touch on where to smoke weed legally in DC let’s discuss where not to smoke.


Initiative 71 is similarly modeled after the law regarding possession of open containers of alcohol in public (or POCA).


Like POCA, it remains a criminal offense to smoke marijuana in any park, street, alley, parking area, or sidewalk.


Additionally, it is illegal to smoke marijuana in a privately accessible public place (like a store, bar, or club).


It is also illegal to smoke weed in a vehicle. Finally, DUI marijuana remains a serious crime that is prosecuted just like an alcohol-based DUI.


Places to Smoke Weed in DC

It is safe to say most people aren't following every single law at every given moment... here are a few places that have been known to be lenient with the laws surrounding smoking weed in DC:

  • Georgetown
  • Night Clubs such as, Rose Bar
  • Eighteenth Street Lounge
  • The Alley Ways of U Street
  • Northwest DC
  • Congressional Cemetery in Southeast DC

These are a few places and areas that have been less likely to crack down on weed laws in DC.


For the most part, you can smoke weed walking down the street if you are careful enough. But if you do so you are at the same time be aware of the risks. I have personally been to Rose Bar and have seen the entire back room light up! 

When in doubt! Ask a local!


As long as you are being discreet and you aren't around families or anything like that, you are not going to get hassled by the police. Be polite and smoke weed with caution.

If you are new to DC make sure to check out our tourist guide for buying weed in DC!


Why is it important to understand where to smoke recreational weed legally in Washington DC?

It is important to understand the maximum penalty for smoking marijuana in public is 60 days in jail or a maximum $500.00 fine.


In many cases, first-time offenders may be offered a diversion. That means the case would be dismissed by the prosecutor in exchange for the defendant completing community service or paying a fine.


However, repeat offenders could face more serious prosecution.So, let’s get a little deeper on the topic and get a better understanding of where TO smoke weed legally in DC.

Where to smoke recreational weed in Washington DC? 

Marijuana can be used in private homes only. If you live in an apartment or townhouse the landlord can prohibit use. It's considered a crime to use it in public or anywhere people gather publicly, including bars, coffee shops, and federal public housing.


Note that since marijuana is considered illegal on the federal level, federal law enforcement officers can still arrest people within the city for possessing any amount of cannabis.


We have established that weed is legal to smoke privately in your home but that it is still considered a federal offense. Furthermore, it is important to understand that parts of DC that are under federal jurisdiction prohibit the use of marijuana.


What is considered federal property in DC?


DC Weed Federal Grounds

Federal grounds controlled by federal government totals 18 square miles in DC. That equals out to 29 percent of the city’s total land area.


These are places such as, military property, national parks, monuments, The White House, and public housing projects.


Federal law enforcement has been known to take action on those smoking weed in these areas.


Additionally, smoking weed in your car can lead to a DUI.


Let’s get clarity on this.


What is the punishment for DUI with DC weed?


Driving while high, or under the influence for marijuana, is the same as if you are driving drunk, or under the influence of alcohol in DC.


It is taken very seriously. If it is your first offense, DUI charges could be a max penalty of $1,000.00 fine or up to 180 days in jail. The offense is a misdemeanor, there is no felony charge with DUI, no matter how many times someone gets arrested for it.


However, DUI and DWI cases in DC are the only misdemeanors that carry mandatory minimum jail sentences. So it’s best advised not to drive while under the influence.


Staying I71 Compliant


Initiative 71 Facts chart

To begin wrapping things up, let’s re-cap on the legality of smoking DC weed.


Adults 21 or over can possess two ounces, and no more than. If you choose to grow weed, you can have up to six marijuana plants in DC. However, only three can be in the flowering stage.


As far as purchasing weed legally in DC  goes, it is still prohibited but can be gifted along with the purchase of a piece of art.


Cloud9 in DC follows all the rules to stay I71 Compliant and can be best trusted when looking for some of the dankest DC weed.

Dank DC Weed



To stay out of legal trouble while still reaping the benefits that I71 has granted recreational users, a quick answer is to get your DC weed at Cloud9 and wait until you are in the comfort of your own home, or a friend's home, to enjoy it.

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