Cloud 9 Cares:  Covid Friendly Pickups

Cloud 9 DC Smoke shop is the most trusted weed store for premium I71 gifts. Come browse our covid friendly store for amazing local art and all your cannabis gift needs. We offer the safest and most comfortable experience possible in DC.

Cloud 9 DC Smoke Shop Store

How to Order I71 Gifts at Cloud 9 DC

Cloud 9 DC offers many services including covid safe curb side pick up and DC weed delivery options. Learn how to buy weed in DC safely and securely with our many options from curbside pick up to DC marijuana delivery.

Our Budtender Team in DC

Ordering weed in DC has never been easier with our amazing team of Budtender's who not only are experts in DC weed, but they understand your need for an amazing experience.

Do you not know the difference between indica, sativa, or hybrid? Are you unfamiliar with edibles in DC, or how long do edibles last before they go bad? Or maybe you are not a DC resident and are unfamiliar with DC weed laws. Our team has extensive knowledge and will answer any question and guide you through the entire process, safely and securely.

So what are you waiting for? Come down to Cloud 9 DC Smoke shop and let's get you your art and premium Initiative 71 gift, today!